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Speaking with zero knowledge, so read with heavy skepticism.

Trying to use some logic here.

LB has not released the anticipated album. That should be at a minimum encouraging news if you desire (of course you do) him to tour again. He's saving it to tour behind.

Now that doesn't mean he'll get to that point.

I think the lack of information shows a few things. 1, they just don't have clarity on the outcome and can't report 2) they desire (and deserve) privacy 3) he doesn't want to mislead anyone 4) they don't want to have to routinely answer give updates, share the rollercoaster with us.

Now the recent tweet after months of silence is not accidental. (Unless Kristen was drinking too much that day) You'd have assume, that some milestone in this process.
Now that's obviously good news, but it may not be "great" news. This could mean he's getting very close to where he needs to be, or it could mean he's made his first progress and it'll be slow going.

If we get a notice the album is coming with no good medical news, or no news of playing live, we can surmise he's not going to recover or, if he is the timeline is so far out and uncertain they've likely decided to give up playing live again.
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