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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Its on youtube

OMG this live version has the snafu on Sentimental Lady (15:24) and Bob talks about only sleeping 45 minutes last night. They begin again. That part was not my broadcast LOL
They're super, super tight and inspired. Manalishi is so in the pocket; each little piece counts—the lead guitar somewhere between psychedelic and psychotic, the drums, the bass, the organ, Christine's Hohner electric piano.

Angel is better than the studio version. This incarnation was one of the best hippie bands and Sixties holdovers out there in those days. They were every bit as interesting musically as the Doors or Vanilla Fudge (although their material wasn't as consistently first rate).

I think these are John McVie's best years. He's the jet engine that's thrusting everything forward. He's playing like a black dude in the Ohio Players or something! Christine's tempo on Spare Me a Little here versus a year or two later is the difference between nimble and clubfooted. It was a lot easier to get down to Fleetwood Mac in 1974 than in 1975.

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