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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
There was a quote somewhere, and I can't remember where or when, that he pretty said something about the fact it wasn't physical/sexual. It might have been Jenny that said that rather than Bob, but I do know that one of them did.

I've been on and off here since the Cyberpenguin days so have read so many articles and Q&As over the years that I can't back that up with a reference but I do know I read it about one of them saying it.

Then again, lots has been said in this band and most of it of questionable truth.
The matter of his affair is really not disputed these days. After Mick's tell-all, it was official. We could engage in Bill Clinton-like semantics to define how much an affair has to be an affair to be an affair, but even Jenny Fleetwood (in Mick's book) owns up to it.

Many of the other questions you posed years ago appear to still be in need of answers...and may never get them.

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