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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Well, sales of Time were disastrous. It didn't even make Billboard's top 200.

The album cover is more of an opinion but I think it's pretty bad. Uninteresting and uninspiring. And worse, by putting a picture of a dinosaur egg on the cover, it evokes the image the band was trying to avoid- that of a band past it's prime. They may have been trying to be amusing, but it backfired. Even the cover of Behind the Mask, which I also don't care for, is better than Time.
Umm...that's a penguin egg. Hence the penguin chick(s) on the back cover. A nod toward it being a NEW Fleetwood Mac.

I still think "Another Link In The Chain" was a far better title, they should've gone ahead & used that like they original were going to.
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