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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
If Dave Walker was never in Humble Pie, why is he listed around the internet as being a member?
i wish i could answer that - because walker having ever been a member of the "pie" is utter bull.
walker would mainly be needed as a singer, so the only time he might've been of any interest for the band was WITHOUT marriott. and as jerry shirley was the only guy that used the name "humble pie" with marriott out of the fold, he surely would've mentioned walker in his book ("best seat in the house - drumming in the 70s with marriott, frampton and humble pie") . . . and there's no mention of him at all. and me being an avid "pie" fan - i never heard anything like that.
the only explanation for this connection that i could come up with is some kind of misunderstanding: "humble pie" mixed-up with the short-lived 1974 band "hungry fighter" featuring danny kirwan, andy sylvester, dave bidwell and dave walker. who knows . . . ?!
Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
Did the Stones really want Danny Kirwan?
replacing brian jones in 1969? unlikely! an internet feature about the situation at the time mentions "comments of mick jagger and keith richards, both of whom indicate that they didnít try out anyone other than mick taylor in mid-1969".
when mick taylor left in 1974 the stones tried quite a few axemen (with even more that were never auditioned). but with kirwan being literally out of the limelight and keeping a pretty low profile this time 'round . . . even if they actually should've tried to phone him up, they might have CONSIDERED him, at the most, but i can't imagine that they really WANTED him.

my 2 cents on these two questions.
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