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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
This was very hard to only choose 3. I agree with your top 3 assessments. When it Comes to Love is up there for me also.
We both like Skies the Limit. That song gets bashed a lot around here. When I heard the beginning keyboards from Chris and then the drum crack at the beginning I fell in love. Their harmonies go very good together. Thank goodness no drum machines or pre-programmed bass or other stuff. The Mac rhythm section was back!!! There is some really good stuff on this album but unfortunately it gets lost. The song almost never made the album. It was a last minute addition. The band (mostly Chris) felt the album was too dark and needed a peppy upbeat song. She wrote the song and that is the reason it became the first track of the album. Its polar opposite of the flip side of Behind the Mask. Chris rarely writes dark stuff so its the best of both worlds on the album.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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