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I hope they play at least one song that has been released on all their past reissues the last few years. Like perform Ile at You but the Mirage version with the piano arrangement. And if anyone responds to this saying ďwell she canít do it justice like thatĒ I will find out where you live and strangle you the way stevie is always threatening! (Just kidding) justbwaycj gold dust woman and moonlight from the 25 karat tour, she CAN deliver any song any way she wants, itís just whether or not thatíll be a song she chooses to try on. This isnít out of the question, stevie performing a demo version of her song that she prefers, not hats basically what she did with Love Is and that demo was never even officially released yet.

Other songs along that thinking are think about it or sorcerer done with Lindsey or stevie and Chris alone on stage doing the planets piano demo!

I have very high standards for the rarities they plan on doing. Pulling out one of her tusk songs (while I freaking love them all) just wonít cut it.
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