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Default What Stevie songs do you hope FM Will perform for their next tour?

Stevie said in an interview she'd like FM to perform some deep cuts for their next tour. From what I know, there are a handful of SN songs that FM has never performed live, and a few songs that were only performed once.

Songs never performed live by the Rumours lineup:
Straight Back
When I See You Again
Welcome to the Room... Sara

Only performed once live by the Rumours lineup:
I Don't Want to Know (supposedly during the Rumours tour 1977)
Storms (Unleashed 2009)
Beautiful Child (2004)
Angel (Tusk 1980)
Seven Wonders (On With the Show 2015)

Sisters of the Moon (3 tours)
Silver Springs (2 tours)

Performed almost every tour:
Gold Dust Woman

I would love to hear I Don't Want to Know, That's Alright, and Crystal. Straight Back, either Storms or Beautiful Child, and Angel would be fine, too

So, which of the deep cuts would you like to hear?
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