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Originally Posted by Danielle View Post
No film has ever made me feel as much sadness as "Don't Move". I couldn't even cry like I do with most films, I felt an actual pain in my chest.
It's based on a book by Margaret Mazzantini (just like Twice Born); all her books are deeply moving and upsetting, and are partly inspired by real life events. Twice Born left me in a pensive state for days.
I think that these movies were some of the best interpretations by Penelope Cruz. Strangely (or maybe not) this is just the kind of movie that is praised in Italy and shunned in the rest of the world. Melodrama and Realism are deeply ingrained in our artistic culture and I often see that other countries have a difficult time in relating to the extreme tales portrayed in movies like these. I had and still have a hard time too, but like my favourite teacher used to say (the one who introduced me and my classmates to these genre), life is also this and we can't close our eyes and pretend.
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