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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
Did Jenny really have an affair (or more than an affair of the mind) with Weston (Weston said no).

This is what Mick wrote in his first book (yes, I know it may be not fully reliable, but I share it anyway. You decide what to believe):

The tour went beautifully for the first month (~1973)... Then someone asked me how I felt about my wife having an affair with Bob Weston, and suddenly it all came crashing down. ....
I had noticed that he and Jenny had been taking long walks at Benifols and seemed close on the tour, but I had no idea that anything was going on, apart from the feeling that something wasn't right. I remembered trying to talk to Weston in the hotel bar while we were in Detroit. He seemed real down, and I asked him if he was feeling all right. And of course he was going through hell because he'd been a real buddy of mine, and he hadn't told me what was going on between him and Jenny.
Eventually, I confronted Jenny, and it all came out. "Look," I said to her, "what's going on with you and Bob Weston? How could this happen?" She was quite calm about it. "Mick, I'm tired of feeling like I'm alone even when you and I are together. Ever since we met you've had this trait of just wandering through things, being aloof, not paying attention to me or your daughters. You're just not that involved."
.... Of course, everything Jenny said was true. For years I had been more married to Fleetwood Mac than to her. And my personality well, anyone craving a lot of attention from me is in for a lot of trouble. It's terrible, and I know it.....
So Jenny told me that she and Weston had become close back in England, and the relationship had intensified when we were on tour. Hearing this in her own words broke my heart.
The result was the traditional stiff upper lip on my part. I just said, we gotta carry on with this tour, no matter what. Jenny and the kids left the tour and went to Los Angeles. I was really hurting, but still trying to keep the band going. I kept thinking that this was a make-or-break tour and that I didn't want to be the one who ****ed it up.

We went back on tour, which lasted until October 26, 1973.... We were in Lincoln, Nebraska. John Courage fired Bob Weston, telling him the tour was over and that
it would be for the best if he didn't travel with the band. He was put on a plane and we didn't see him again for years.
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