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Originally Posted by LesPaul7 View Post
This is strange, especially considering itís a Sony release with Hjortís input.
yes, it is - at any rate. and it looks like hjort was obviously forced to hide his full knowledge on the recordings' proveniences in the sleevenotes. here's the message i got in reply from rich o.:

"Your guesses as to the lack of information is most likely spot-on Ė the material on the set was originally broadcast on 'local' (San Francisco / New Orleans) radio stations in the U.S. and of course over the BBC in England and these are the original sources of the material (and the bootlegs that have been in circulation for so long)
You may have noticed that the 'Fillmore / Carousel' show and the Warehouse tracks are being sold under a few different labels. I believe what has happened is that the European copyrights have expired this year Ė many other live broadcasts by other 'classic rock' groups are also beginning to appear.
The worst offence to me is the listing of the BBC recordings as 'Demos' Ė but remember, Snapper / Receiver did the same thing with the 'Vaudeville Years' / 'Show-Biz Blues' sets.
I would love to know what the 'GK Edit' is on ĎIf It Ainít Meí refers to!
I would say that they donít mention Paul Butterfield as they never cleared the release of the material with his estate.
I admit Iím confused by Sony Music having anything to do with this release. The notes on the back of the jewel case say that Sony licensed the collection Ė they didnít initiate it.
I havenít listened to the full collection or listened with the care required to make a final assessment, but from what I heard, I do think the sound is better on the 'Fillmore / Carousel' show Ė it sounds louder and sharper than the bootleg that I have of the shows.
I do hope to have a full breakdown / review of the set up on my site within the next few weeks (just need to find the time)."
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