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i've just read the liner notes of the set - and it left me even more bewildered than before. the fact that a) christopher hjort is the author and b) still time and place of the recordings are up to guesswork is way beyond me.

i assume that there must be certain (legal?) reasons for keeping the recording details hidden. long before their release the tracks could be assigned to their origins pretty easily by anyone who has serious interest in the early mac. so the only reason christopher (who's surely in the know about it) didn't mention these details is probably this: he somehow isn't allowed to. he futhermore avoids name-checking paul butterfield as special guest on the carousel tracks - reference is only made to "the horn-like harmonica player" or simply "the harmonica".

has anyone of you any ideas or assumptions on this whole matter? i'm really curious to know why a brand like sony music would see the need to be that secretive about their product.

p.s. the only really enjoyable aspect of this release - for my money - are the photographs in the booklet, many of which i haven't seen before.
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