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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
perhaps just a rumor? Check out this website- it mentions a magazine article:

Originally Posted by Tango View Post
About Danny and Janis, there is also a book that was printed out on line - who knows, this may all be rubbish, but here it is:

A book by John Glatt called "Live At The Fillmore East & West"

says: "Years later, Rod Stewart would reveal why he and Ron Wood had given her (Joplin) the cold shoulder.

"Janis Joplin was always chasing me and Ronnie around the place," he explained in 2013, "trying to shag one or the other of us, though without success. We were terrified of her and would hide."

Soon afterward, Janis managed to deflower Fleetwood Mac's original guitarist Danny Kirwan, who was still a virgin.

"Janis suffered from a reputation of eating men alive," said Mick Fleetwood. "Danny . . . looked like a little English choirboy with blond hair. Janis basically summoned him to her room. And Danny at that point I don't think had had sex with anybody. So he turned up the next morning [having] been ravaged by Janis. He had fingernail marks all over him, of which he was quite proud. She was one hell of a girl."

(I see you can buy this book on Amazon)
It was mentioned in an old article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and also engineer Dinky Dawson's biography, you can find both here:

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