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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post

Did Jenny really have an affair (or more than an affair of the mind) with Weston (Weston said no).
According to Mick's first book:

(circa 1973) Then someone asked me how I felt about my wife having an affair with Bob Weston, and suddenly it all came crashing down. At first, I tried to figure it out by myself. I realized that, as usual, I hadn't been paying enough attention to Jenny, and she'd allowed herself to be seduced by Bob, a real lady-killer with all the smooth lines.
"Sometimes," Jenny went on, "I think I must be mad to be married to someone who can't even remember my birthday, or the birthdays of our children. At least Bob Weston talks to me, and I can feel like someone else knows I'm there."
So Jenny told me that she and Weston had become close back in England, and the relationship had intensified when we were on tour. Hearing this in her own words broke my heart.
The final straw came by the pool of the Marina Hotel in L.A. during a pause in the tour. Weston and my kids were in the pool, playing and laughing. Then he got out and cuddled up with Jenny and began to read poetry to her right in front of me! It was either completely insensitive or without a thought whatsoever. I felt like I was going to have a breakdown. Why were they rubbing it in my face?

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