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Originally Posted by sue View Post
I think this particular side of the Forum has got a bit bitchier in recent months.
It bothers me not a jot, this is just an observation.

The obvious reason is Stevie not recording.
People are sad to say the least.
This then gives fuel to the already "unkindness" towards Stevie and arguments and bitching commences.....
Me I'm just a Mac fan.
I like Lindsey and I like Stevie, too.
Both have their faults.
It's not that Stevie won't record with the band because she likes to sleep until 3pm. She recorded FM, Rumours, Tusk, Tango, Behind the Mask, and Say You Will with them, so that's not the issue. She doesn't want to record with Lindsay, that's all. Unfortunate, but true. So people express their anger or frustration by 'joking around' on here with unnecessary comments. But calling people who post here 'pathetic' is crossing the line- the rules say not to do that, so I don't understand why the moderators haven't intervened.
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