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Originally Posted by ryan4136 View Post
This is extremely easy to decipher IMHO....

Stevie is very jealous that LB got to "walk out" and come back and get all the attention that it brought when he came back in the 90's.

Then Christine leaves and gets all the love she has received this year.

Stevie wants people to beg here to stay/come back, and thank her so much for staying/recording.

When this tour ends they will go their own way (sorry). She will do some recording/touring on her own. Then somewhere around the 2017 timeline she'll be back to record, and she will expect every article to talk about how she "came back" for one more. (or she's really gonna get pissed)

This whole "i can't get along with LB" talk rings hollow to me after all these years, it's felt like she thinks she has to say that for over 10 years now. If she didn't add drama the questions would stop....what would she do then.
Stevie left too. She came back at the same time as Lindsey.
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