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Originally Posted by teedeerocks View Post
Nope.She's out promoting 24 Karat and making plans for a follow up to it.The last thing on her mind is recording with The Mac IMO.I have thought from the beginning that Stevie,although I feel she really does love Chris,resents her a little b/c this tour is all about Chris and the spotlight is shining a little dimmer on her,and that is difficult for a diva to take.
I noticed in one interview where Stevie said they spoonfed the audience attention to Christine. Which is true. They do tee Christine up to get a lot of applause, mentioning her return and then positioning YMLF so strategically. But the way Stevie said it it was like she was pointing out that they have chosen to make Christine the showcase of this tour. A suggestion that it didn't happen organically, based on an outpouring of affection for the prodigal Macster.

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