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Honestly, for me the human interest story part was largely what contributed to this band's appeal, when I found out about them in 79, wow, that long ago, we are all getting old aren't we !

to me personally, the '75 to '80 band music is ok, not that I'd seek it out these days. After that, mweh. I can find far better musical art. In my opinion. LB solo still entices me, he still innovates and creates interesting music. But art... hmm, that's too big a word in my opinion.

Chopin etudes are art, the phrasing and musicality of those, Lux Aeterna is art. Beethoven is art. Fleetwood Mac? Musical diversion ditties. Pop. Soap bubbles. Fun to sing along to or in the background. I personally would never ever call it art though.

But that's just my humble opinion.

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