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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Thanks for this. Its so frustrating to think this is pretty much it.
That Homework really kicks ass by the way.
Thanks to BadlyDrawnBallbag for doing the compilation and upload. It was definitely a good one.

Peter Green is such a gifted guitarist and singer songwriter. He came across so naturally on stage. I loved when he picked up impromptu and did "The World Keep On Turning" when Danny broke his guitar string. Damn, that was good! So obvious that Lindsey and Christine borrowed from this song when they wrote "World Turning". Greeny probably should have gotten a writing credit, or at least an acknowledgement. Both very good songs!

Totally enjoyed watching Danny's intensity when he played. For such a young adult he was far ahead of his years.

You're right, we needed a lot more of this live performing footage. And to think of what could've been if Green stayed in FM. It's hard to tell the direction the band would've taken. I sense there was already a shift from blues, to more of a rock sound, right at the end of Peter's tenure in the band, ala Then Play On.

On a final note, I had no idea that FM played on Playboy After Dark! That was wild, and seeing all those 60s teenagers grooving to the beat of Peter Green's FM was really cool!

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