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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I've wondered if that was the same gold-top Kirwan used at one point...

I'm afraid I don't know , when I say it was "goldish " I don't mean it was a gold topped Les Paul de Luxe ** with the smaller sized humbuckers I mean it looked sort of like Peter's .Did Danny play a Les Paul deluxe at some point then ?
What I do know is: I remember hearing a radio interview with Duster and he said something like "God Bless Peter he was so kind -he just gave me a Les Paul- the one I use now ." during this int he played a couple of songs live in the studio and his guitar was out of tune so he had to stop and start again !

** (I had one once and it was nearly seized off me by Her Majesty's customs and excise -but that's another story !)
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