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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
But to talk about people's personal vices to the press is bashing IMHO
He didn't talk about Mick or Stevie's personal vices, though. They, Stevie and Mick, talked about their personal vices, years later. He didn't talk about their vices to the press when he left the band.

All Lindsey talked about was band craziness and he included himself in that. He said:

"We had a Winnebago parked in front because we didn't want the whole house to be used for a lounge, so to speak. I had a girlfriend then who was very threatened by the whole situation, and that didn't really work very well, either. But the snapshot would be us trying to get things done in an atmosphere where there was just a lot of crazy stuff going on and not a lot of focus, and not a lot of unity and certainty. And no sense of us wanting to do this for . . . for the reasons we originally got into it for. That's my last snapshot of 1987. And then a little 10-year vacation."
Then, later on Mick said that he now realizes that Lindsey was afraid that he might get pulled back into drugs if he hung around Mick. Lindsey never said that. Stevie said that Lindsey left because he was afraid for her. Lindsey never said that to the press -- not until Stevie said it about herself and the press asked him to respond, when they were doing those Unleashed interviews. Mick said that when they were all being interviewed in 2012, Lindsey told MICK and Stevie that he left because he was afraid of what was happening to them and that all 3 of them started crying. But Lindsey never said anything about Stevie or Mick's "personal vices" when he left the band. He talked about the craziness in the recording studio, in general, and he talked about everyone having separate managers, which made it hard to get things done.


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