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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Lindsey didn't bash them in the press, as his excuse for leaving. He talked about his girlfriend not liking them working on his property in the Winnebago, but mostly he simply said the band was crazy doing Tango and that things would just be 10 times crazier on the road than on the studio. In 1997, he also said that Stevie was no longer the person he'd known and he had his own issues about her that he couldn't get over until he was out of the band and away from her. Mick and Stevie are the ones who offered more details about why he left. Mick said that Lindsey was afraid that he'd be drawn back into drugs, if he hung around Mick and Stevie said that he was fearful for her. Lindsey then commented on their remarks about why he left when they were doing the Unleashed tour. But he never said he left because they were so awful.

You have your opinion to what negative comments in the press come to the level of bashing. Yes I have heard the quote you use coming from Lindsey but I have also heard much stronger language alleging to not wanting to be around crazy people on the road. Lindsey even made his next studio album video about Mick.
I stand by my words and think the negative comments "bashing" are appropriate. He could have said nothing or said he is moving on to better things. But to talk about people's personal vices to the press is bashing IMHO
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