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The memories of waiting for Behind the Mask to be released. I remember I bought the cassette tape the first or second day it was out at a Record store at the mall (gosh remember the record stores at the mall)?
I was 20 and so excited. BTM is a mixed album. There are pure treasures on the album which get over looked by the lack of album sales. I did admire the back to the rock roots a bit. No programmed grunts or drums like on Tango. In the Back of My Mind was an early favorite because it really showed a creative side.
You really have to hand it to Christine during this era. Lindsey left and Stevie was in a thick fog. And it now is learned that Mick still was a major substance abuser at this time. A lot of the continuation of the Mac fell to her shoulders.
Lindsey was a real problem to agree to a tour and then pull out at the last minute. The Big Love intro Lindsey does on stage has him saying that his life needed a big change and leaving the band was a starting of that process.
We never hear Lindsey talk of any personal demons like substance abuse. We heard him bash Stevie and Mick for not wanting to go on the road with them and their issues. I wonder what changes he needed to make in his life that he would act like this? He is a tease and beats around the bush with explaining this.

The band did continue on and for such a rush with new members Billy and Rick did a pretty good job. They did not have the time to do anything clever.
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