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For the sake of completeness I've duplicated the text of my memories of the concert at the Lyceum ball room in 1970(originally posted on the Mr Bassman thread and still there) and put it here ,so all the concerts appear in the same thread .( This is not quite in true chronological order ,as the Roundhouse concerts were amalgamated into one memoire ,but the last of them Peter's final gig with FM, was after the Lyceum concert .

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The best concert I ever saw them do was a the Lyceum ball room in April 1970 (I think )by this time the set involved a section with just Mick and Peter on stage , Peter playing vituoso bass - )
The Lyceum is in the Strand. London where it joins the to the curve of the Aldwych A grand building with a Greek columned frontage( more like side-age really) I remember queuing to get in with some friends , whilst buskers played. I think the concert was to raise money for charities helping Jewish old people , and the Grateful Dead were supposed to be playing, but they certainly weren’t there that night )….. whilst we waited they showed two films The Plank ,a brilliant English silent comedy starring and written by Eric Sykes, with appearances by other great British comedians such as Tommy Cooper and the like , and a film about the Wild Horses of the Carmargue (That bit about the films is moot (whereas the characters in the Plank were mute)-I definitely saw these films at a FM concert, but it might have been another one- I don’t think so but……. )
Humour was a big part of Fleetwood Mac .At a previous Roundhouse concert Mc Vie had been wearing a green tee shirt with Filmore West emblazoned across the chest in yellow , so we had prepared our own tee shirt of the same colours with Filmore EAST on it ,thinking we were being ultra clever ,and that if McVie spotted it he might be amused My good fiend Paul wore this creation . In our schoolboy minds we thought we were being incredibly funny, but little did we know there really was a Filmore East ! Meanwhile , I had brought a special comedy gift for Mick!
Glen Cornick’s Wild Turkey were on the bill ‘he wore a bandana, and had his trousers tucked into knee length boots ! I think they played as a complete out fit ,but “Blue horizon” in his posting is probably right that Nick Picket ,with others played first
When the Mac played their set , Peter was dressed in his Russian peasants outfit with a white top and possibly black baggy trousers, I don’t think he was wearing the full length coat thing ,but I could well be wrong The Lyceum Ballroom was formerly a theatre, and the stage was overlooked by small elaborate highly decorated balconies .In the right hand one was a very , very beautiful woman blonde I think!! and Peter acknowledged her when they took to the stage, or some point during the show, maybe she was his then current amour ?They played brilliantly - Coming Your Way - Albatross,- World in Harmony , -Jeremy’s slide numbers - I’m a stranger in your town was one I think- Before the Beginning ( thought there must have been hundreds of people there, some how you felt Peter was looking at you personally Obviously he wasn’t but there was something about him ,but there was this sort of intimacy with the audience that you just don’t get at a FM gig or anybody elses now a days -at Earl’s court for example ,and I especially felt it in this number ).The Green Manalishi – Big gong behind Mick’s kit for the intro’-probably the 6 string bass Peter And Mick interlude followed within the jam stemming from this song . Peter seemed very happy, and enjoying it ,as did the whole band ,not to mention the audience They went into a night club type vamp repeating, and repeating, and Peter introduced their very special celebrity guest ,which of course turned out to be Jeremy in one of his alter Egos Elvis probably ,and it was just fabulous. I cannot emphasise enough, what an important part of the show Jeremy was. People post that he was redundant after Danny joined Not so! It would have been a far poorer show if he hadn’t been there If he had quit to form his own band ,I can’t see them matching the excitement of the backing by John ,Peter And Danny Mick , ( I saw plenty of fancy drummers , but very few could get this aspect right ) , and as I say FM’s shows would have been the poorer without Jeremy ,!.

This band had everything : Humour mainly Peter and Jeremy , Peter’s playing could make you cry(but be sure that this depended on sympathetic playing from the others , He(Peter) and Danny played and interwove together like demons,(and two strong composers ) and the whole band could rock better than anyone I ever saw, and then take it up a notch above that (Sorry! Almost a Spinal Tap moment ), This was so important in Jeremy’s slide numbers too ! And there was the delight of seeing Mick, all knees and elbows,and grimaces , like some sort of demented a human steam hammer!(you can barely see him now ,as he has with such a huge kit enveloping him )

But I digress !I think they did Twist and Shout ,and McVie was doing backing vocals !!And Peter seemed to radiate this sense of humour when they were doing this sort of number. I truly can’t remember what the last number was ,or what other songs they did possibly Twist and Shout was the last . Then various people returned to the stage for a jam -Clen Cornick ,Mick Fleetwood amongst them. My friend Paul ,who’d driven us there wanted to go , or maybe other friends to whom he’d given a lift were putting pressure on him, but I just had to give my gift to Mick , so I waited till he left the stage -others were still playing,collared him ,and presented him with two giant mahogany balls each about 7 inches in diameter, tied together with string (obtained when my friend Dave "castrated " the staircase of his house, when he was forced to leave it against his will- the balls not the string ) saying something like “these are for you Mr Fleetwood- hope you like them “ever so politely and pathetically , and then turning and running to catch up with my friends who were already leaving . Other friends who stayed later than us (it may have gone on all night ) ,told me that Mick returned to the stage, to much laughter, flaunting these monsters hanging from his belt , having temporarily replaced his own( by comparison) modest spherical danglers !(but not for long I’ll wager - wearing them for any length of time would have been a real strain as they were heavy you couldnt play the drums wearing them !)
So it was a fantastic night ,and the best I’d ever seen them ,before or since ,or anybody else for that matter (with the possible exception of Brian Wilson about 5 years who was almost as good but in a different way )

Finally, when FM were over a couple of years ago to play Wembley , after many years of waiting for the opportunity, I had a good talk with Mick , and he couldn’t remember the giant balls incident at all. ,

Still it meant a lot to me at the time !

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