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Literally no idea why this happened, but a former Texas Longhorn (HOOK'EM!) and current Indiana Pacers basketball player Myles Turner handed Mike Campbell his guitar at their Sydney show today/last night. He's currently on the U.S. National Team, which is playing in the 2019 FIBA World Cup tournament in Sydney. That's about all I know at this point, just passing it along:

UPDATE: It looks like he's genuinely a fan. Here's an excerpt from an April Indy Star story:

To punctuate the back-to-school lesson, Cousins issued a taunt after Turner complained about a whistle against him: “You a baby.”

It was like old times. Now Turner flips insults about his toughness into motivation. He's not the high-schooler who'd go back to suburbia in tears after being psyched out to believe that he wasn't good enough.

He knew to earn their respect, he had to kill it. The same went for Cousins. They don't actually care that he listens to Fleetwood Mac, how well he enunciates or if he sleeps in silk pajamas.

All of that ribbing took his mind away from where it belonged: On the basketball court.

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