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Man, reading this, once again I can't believe Prince is dead.

And as for Michael Jackson, let's say the audio music was "impeccable" but not innovative, but what about the videos. They did hint of or shape an MTV world to come and I think they should be considered for induction creds. He didn't direct his videos, but he was the vision for them.

I think what they said about "popularity" for Madonna also applies to Stevie.

The guy cracks me up saying he doesn't know what Maurice Gibb did. Give Mo his due, dude.

One of the difficulties the hall has grappled with is how it should take into account popularity; Madonna was, after all, one of the very biggest pop stars of all time. The hall’s original charter made little mention of popularity — and most of the hall’s principals over the years have said that excellence is the key criterion. There is an argument for excellence that gets overlooked in all sorts of artistic endeavors, so let me make it clear: Being popular gets you a lot of things. You get all the money; you get all the freedom; and, particularly in the rock world — and while this is something of a sexist concept, it’s basically true so I’ll say it — you get all the girls. And yet there’s always some segment of that highly fortunate group that demands they get all the awards for excellence as well, just because they are popular. They don’t! **** off!

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