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Originally Posted by HejiraNYC View Post
...and your point is? Even if it is true that SN and Mick have the ultimate say in all band-related decisions, don't you think they've earned it? Mick (with John) is the band's namesake. And other than Mick and John, Stevie has the longest tenure in the band. And as much as it pains you, Stevie is the one who puts the a$$es in seats. People are generally loving the setlist for the new tour, so you can't say that Mick and SN are somehow failing miserably at putting this show together.
again, missing the point that it's not that she did it as much as HOW she did it.

Not only that she gave the band an ultimatum but that she immediately had his replacement at hand. It suggests there was a degree of forethought, like maybe she had been just waiting for the right moment to make her move and finally get this guy out of her life. (ETA: she wants it both ways-- she wants him out, but she wants him to bail her out when she gets stuck on her songs, e.g., Soldier's Angel. So maybe she doesn't want him OUT of her life, she just wants to CONTROL him. "I need to be the boss")

The thing is, she could have gotten him out of her life at any point -- by leaving FM. And, if the rest of the band had been united that they wanted Lindsey out, they could have taken their vote at any time and then just kicked him out. (they claim now this is how it works- majority rules).

So the fact they hadn't done it suggests everyone else was ok with him, or able and willing to tolerate him, until one day Stevie wasn't. And then she leveraged her ability to put bums in seats (no one disputes she has the most ability for this) to force the rest of them to kick him out. Because that's what she did. She forced them. Me, or him. Now, could they have sided with him? Sure thing. And, just because they sided with her doesn't necessarily mean they agree with her FEELINGS about him.(Chris did a whole album and tour with him. In the documentary of making that Mick is all huggy and lovey with him, as is Chris). That's the point. She played on their greed and they fell in line as she knew they would. They sold him out for a buck.

Bands have members come and go. That's FM legacy. But the down and dirty, sneaky grubby way this has played out is shameful.

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