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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Haha there are some pics a friend took during the show posted in our Real Savage Like Facebook group- one of LB talking to me and another one of him walking up to me with a ready to fight pose. Lol. It was just the usual - I was giving him my list of the songs he owes me - like Rodeo, Walk a thin line and of course What makes you think you're the one.

Now when they added another leg they should really spice up a setlist and add at least some of those songs!

(and I'm sure they won't- but we need to try! He actually seemed genuinely interested to hear what all I have on my gripe list - which is not usually the case, so maybe if we push enough... trouble and SUD can go and we can get some deeper cuts from LB next leg)
Trouble a lot of people know, but you can tell him to do it like the recorded version for a change!! SUD....def needs to go.

I dunno about deeper LB cuts unless you mean FM/LB cuts...
And more of the LB/CM stuff--Isn't It Midnight pleeeeeeeeeze
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