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From Clapton on Greeny (one of his autobiography books???)

"Returning to England in late October 1965,I found that my place in the Bluesbreakers had been filled by a brilliant guitarist,Peter Green,later of Fleetwood Mac,who had aggressively pestered John to employ him,often turning up at gigs and shouting from the audience that he was much better than whoever was playing that night.Though I barely knew him,I got the impression that he was a real Turk,a strong,confident musician who knew exactly what he wanted and where he was going,but who played his cards close to his chest. Most important he was phenomenal player,whit a great tone.He was not happy to see me,as it meant rather a sudden end to what had obviously been a good gig for him.Once change that
didn`t particularly surprise me was that McVie had finally be given the boot,and had been replaced by Jack Bruce,the bass player from Graham Bond Organisation,whom I had see play at the Marquee.Jack stayed for a few weeks.........."
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