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Default Eric Clapton on Greeny (1978)

It was so quiet in here, so here we go...In Uncut's Eric Clapton special issue (recommended) I found this in a December 9, 1978 Melody Maker interview; Eric commenting on Peter.

"And Peter Green, he came and stayed with me when he was having a really bad time, for about two weeks. And the first week, nothing. Not a word. And every now and then he'd complain. 'Why are you doing this? Why are you listening to that? Why are you playing that way?' And then one sunny day I caught him outside in the garden, dancing his head off, and laughing. It was so good to see him enjoying himself at last. And then we had a play, and he had it all there, it was exactly the same. I know where he's at. He's got it there, and he's just decided he's not going to use it, until he feels like it."
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