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yes, Landslide is in the popular vernacular now, it's been covered and was a big hit by another group (Dixie Chicks) and a LOT of people know if from THEIR version, in fact there are clear elements of their performance of it in this version even in the little snippet we saw. It would be interesting to know what other songs they might have also done. Clearly Landslide deals with changes in life, growing up ("children get older" is appropriate in a graduation situation) and moving on to new things in life. It's message was appropriate. On top of that, one of the key architects of that song is a parent in that school.

No matter how much Stevie wants to imitate the visuals of The Dance version of that song with any guitarist who comes along (currently Neil Finn, who stands just where and how LB did) the reality is, the visual INCLUDES LINDSEY just as much as her. So yeah, he has every legitimate right to re-enact HIS role in that song as the guitarist (Notice he stood in relatively the same position as he did with Stevie) providing all the musical accompaniment and talent with any singer he wants. She can mimic it with any other guitarist, he can re-enact it with any other singer. The difference is, the song took on a whole NEW meaning in this case, what with his daughter part of it and her growing up and becoming an adult embarking on the next chapter in her life, as are her classmates.

When SN performs it it's trying to recapture her performance with LB; his performance of it here (ONE time, people) has NOTHING to do with SN and everything to do with HIM, his kids growing up, his survival to be here to share it with them. It's not another tired retread.

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