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Originally Posted by Kelly
I am sure Linds was just so disgusted with her singing during DLMDA that he insisted it be dropped. Seriously, does Stevie ever sound even remotely decent on anything she does?

Basically she should pack it in, as she has lost quite alot of her range. She is no longer talented.
That is harsh, and yes Stevie sounds more then romotely decent on most things. In my opinion, everything. If you want real bad listen to Lindsey Buckingham on everything (sans Say Goodbye) from the Say You Will tour. Stevie sounded amazing on Beautiful Child, Say Goodbye, Goodbye Baby, Sara, Landslide, Stand Back (which was the highlight at all the shows I went to). Most people argue that Rhiannon sucked this tour but when I listen to the LIB Rhiannon I think it is amazing... the last minute of that song is more passionate then anything else on the DVD, IMHO.

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