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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
There's no problem with it being an encore song. Its just not a song to end the main show on. The last song of the main set needs to be a big one to get the crowd shouting for more. Once the encore starts the clock resets and they can then play something less well known and follow it up with another big one, i.e. Don't Stop.

I agree with Station Man as an opener. The opening song doesn't need to be particularly well known as the audience isn't going to take a leak or get a drink during the first song. Also, as you say its a good one for all the singers to lend their vocals to.
Iím with madfan4life. World Turing, Gold Dust Woman, Oh Well are all given as much if not more airplay then Go shout Own Way on at least my hometown classic rock station. Plus itís a group participation song.

Although with a lot of bands Iíve noticed itís not so much the best known song that ends the main set but just one of their most kick ass performances of the night to leave the crowd excited. Sometimes rmthats anciver song even in a band like Hearts case.

So I was thinking an epic Green Manaalishi to close the main set. Itís an absolutely epic guitar song and Iím sorry but MC will do a FAR better job then Lindsey ever could on this song. And if stevie even makes the slightest attempt at the wails, this song has set closer written all over it.

In fact I think the last 4 songs of the main set should be:

Little Lies
Gold Dust Woman
Isnít It Midnight
Green Manalishi


Donít Dream Itís Over (definitley needs to be out of the main set)
Stop Dragging My Heart Around

World Turning
Donít Stop

Stevie finally came out of her encore set in stone pattern since 1994 (cover song followed by ballad) for the very first time on the 24 karat gold tour. Maybe Fleetwood Mac will change their approach to what songs can go where.
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