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Originally Posted by jannieC View Post
I'd like to add that your age has little to do with my opinion (though it is in the back of my mind, making me uncomfortable). I think Carrie mentioned it, but it's the balance of power, boundaries, etc. that makes it disturbing. This is why it's inappropriate for any teacher, therapist, employer, etc to be emotionally involved with their student, client, employee, etc.
As you know, any time is a good time to interject Beethoven The Immortal, but now especially.

Beethoven pined for several of his female piano students, and sometimes dedicated compositions to them or even proposed marriage to them. These relationships usually floundered when Beethoven forced the young lady into a (figurative) corner, pressing his feelings, & compelling her to tell him bluntly that she wasn't interested in him in "that way."

The inappropriateness of Beethoven's behavior extended to his eccentricity in dress. Count von Keglevics, the nephew of Beethoven's pupil Barbara, wrote: "He had the whim -- one of many -- since he lived across from her, of coming to give her lessons clad in a dressing gown, slippers, & a peaked nightcap."

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