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Originally Posted by carrie721 View Post

i am never quite sure what your posts are trying to say. you acknowledge the seemingly understood dangerous and cliched nature of the situation, advise that some wider perspective is needed... and then say "have fun." wtf?

just because something is not "shockingly original" does not mean that it is appropriate. your argument is specious and suspect.
Me honestly thinks you're analyzing the details of my post WAAAAY too much.
We're not being tested on this. My meaning was pretty simple and wasn't intended
to be complex - or graded. It was simply to express that this situation MAY be
more complex than it appears to be on the surface; and that senior year should be
a FUN year - for example all the dances that high schoolers go to - with each other.
It seems to me that you're automatically equating my general statement "have fun" with
the specific idea of "having fun" with the older teacher.

At any rate, in my honest opinion we've let this expand a little bit more than anybody ever intended.
Danni had a great, meaningful conversation with a teacher and after asking her about it, she's confirmed
to us that there's no problem and that everything's okay. As we all know she's a very smart and
mature person and I'm sure she has everything "under control." So let's
just feel happy that she had this meaningful conversation that she's chosen to
share with us; and I hope we can just leave it there and move on to sharing
other great stuff.

Originally Posted by carrie721 View Post

oh dude, that's just sad.

please allow me to provide you with a list of songwriters whose work, if you are trying to be cerebral

Who said anything about trying to be cerebral?

I was trying to be nice.

Oh by the way, like Pulitzer-Prize winner Samantha Power said, "Never use the big word when the small word will do."
"Specious" isn't exactly college-level . . . That's high school. Assuming and implying that a person is unintelligent and "trying to be
cerebral" just because you don't like every little detail of their argument or because you disagree with them
is Junior High School. And hurtful.

We now return to our "regulary scheduled programming."
So if the ghosts are gone then doesn't that mean I'm kinda screwed??

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