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Your words describe what I feel, too. Great minds think alike. LOL! Seriously, as far as Mick goes, I always thought he was the most fan friendly. Stevie's got some scary fans she needs to avoid...yikes! Lindsey's always been the hermit, but I guess he's got a good rapport with the audience on this tour. Good for him! Mick and John would probably play a local bar if asked, but Mick's also got a long standing reputation for bad business decisions and getting involved in money-making schemes exploiting the band, the fans, even himself. The fan club is the ultimate hair-brained scheme that he should be ashamed of at this late stage in his career. Before Mick's man JT spread all this ill will, I gladly would have bought as many cd's and concert ticket's as I could afford to support the twin's ortho bills, college funds, and the old man's 401K. He didn't have to sign on with that creep to get my money. Now I'll be damned if I give any of them another dime unless an explanation about their knowledge of the fan club is forthcoming.

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