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Originally Posted by Johnny Stew View Post
If I've made it sound like I think they should all sit around and wait for Stevie for the next two or three years, I certainly didn't mean to.
yes, and the question in the poll was should they wait for Stevie, however long that may take. based on what you say above, your vote should be different from what you cast.

the question in my poll was pretty clear, and the options i provided were written as they were for a reason.

when people vote no, and tell me, but not "however long it takes", or tell me "it won't sell without SN" or my favorite so far since it's so far off the mark - "she's making FM relevant" therefore they should under no circumstances put an album out without her, they negate their vote right there.

and there's your "commercial viability" argument raised by a number of SN fans again. you were asking me why is that relevant to SN fans. i don't know why it is, but they certainly keep bringing it up.

according to these fans none of the struggling new bands should ever record and release an album since they are no "commercially viable" so why bother? warped logic. everybody should forget about BN album too, since it was not commercially viable, it tanked if the oft-repeated story is correct.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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