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Default my pics are 10 times better...

...and I was in the 13th row, for God's sake! I thought the same thing everyone else did when they were posted on the site - what the h*ll is this crap? I was a little disappointed when I got my pics from Buffalo back & I only got about 6 good ones, but compared to the fanclub pics, mine look amazing! And what's the point of watching a video from a show if:

1) you can't even see the band
2) it's split into 3 parts so you can't listen to the whole thing continuously.

I don't understand - they've made enough cash off of us, you'd think they could afford to hire some pro photographers (but that's not how you make $$$, I guess...)


PS - I'd love to post some of my pics as soon as I get a new scanner - mine died, RIP.
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