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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
It actually goes back to Fritz. Javier posted it on youtube and it's attributed to Stevie.

Stevie Nicks sings an original song performed live by the members of the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band at Fremont High School, Sunnyvale, 1968, with Brian Kane (guitar), Lindsey Buckingham (bass), Javier Pacheco (Hohner Clavinet), and Bob Aguirre (drums). Reunion pictures at the end were taken at the Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA (after a FM show) in June 2004.

Slideshow by Javier Pacheco

Thanks for the clarification. I never heard that and I don't have that on my Fritz songs. Well I guess we will have to wait for a Fritz official release which I guess will probably never happen.
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