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Originally Posted by lilyfee View Post
I agree. If Stevie said Lindsey was abusive toward her I would believe her, both because his exes have already alleged abuse and because we have heard about Lindsey's possessive and controlling behavior time and time again, from myriad sources. I do not think that Stevie would want to ruin Lindsey's reputation by coming forward with abuse allegations even if he had abused her.

That said, did Rita Skeeter write this article?? Nearly every quote here seems taken out of context.

I have never heard the story about Stevie telling her mother that Lindsey had thrown her to the floor however if I recall correctly, the Tango incident has been addressed numerous times and by her own admission, Stevie lunged at Lindsey in a moment of heated anger, commencing a physical altercation on both sides.

Stevie has described Lindsey as condescending toward her musical instincts and possessive of her personally however while this could constitute abuse, the article's salacious tone seems at odds with Stevie's own accounts of these events. For example, I did not think that Stevie blamed Lindsey exclusively for the Buckingham Nicks cover, although she has made it clear that she felt violated and he did not understand why. The article implies that Lindsey pressured Stevie into the topless photo shoot and that triggered her to consider quitting music.

I've never heard that Lindsey was jealous over the success of Landslide and Rhiannon, and therefore criticized Stevie's Rumours songs out of spite. Multiple sources close to Stevie have opined that Lindsey was/is Stevie's best producer and while Stevie might contend that assessment, I have never heard that Lindsey told her she would be nothing without him musically. I mean, literally, she would not have been in the band without him since they were only looking for a guitar player, but it seems that Lindsey more than anyone recognized Stevie's raw talent.

Again, if Stevie herself confirmed rumors of abuse, I would believe her but to anyone who follows the band, while these allegations contain grains of truth, overall they seem way out of context.
I agree with most of what you said, but will add, in regards to the part I bolded above, that he does seem to have been jealous of the attention she got and he has admitted so. He has said that as she got a lot of press attention with those first two albums, he saw that that enabled her to move even further away from him. He's talked about, in his words, how he had to struggle to do the right thing for her songs, because he was conflicted about it. He knew that the more successful she and her songs got, the more it would take her further away from him, the one thing he did not want. He tends to use more flowery language about it that makes it sound a lot less harsh, but in his own way is admitting to a lot of things. He'll say "I had to find my better self" to work on her stuff (i.e., fight his urge not to help her, which he's admitted, or fight the urge to do a shoddy job on her songs out of spite etc). And I totally get how hard that was for him and how natural it is to want to tell the person who hurt you by leaving you to F-off and not help on their songs. This is where I think having other producers in the studio helped them. Ken and Richard were mitigating forces and additional voices that could call him out when he was mucking up her songs to pay her back.

That's the real story I wish someone would write about-- the challenge for BOTH of them to have to keep working together. Did he take out his anger on her by being spiteful and his nasty, caustic, self? I'm sure he did. He's very good at nasty, biting, hurtful remarks and he would verbally humiliate and insult her in front of other people in the studio and make fun of how musically unsophisticated her demos were. This could not have made her feel nice toward him and probably pushed her buttons to pay HIM back at times by doing things she knew would hit his emotions. I would give him higher marks in the nasty department, he seems very skilled at the putdown and cutting remark type thing. I cannot imagine what the tension in the room must have felt like for everyone else who had to witness it during those days.

I will add that Stevie has compared the way Lindsey loved her to the way she loved Joe Walsh.... and we know how messed up and obsessed with Joe she was for YEARS.... unable to just let it go. To the point that Tom had to tell her "don't buy that doll" years later LOL. She continued writing about her feelings for him for years and years. In the same way Lindsey could not get over his feelings for her for a very long time, according to him not really until he left the band and got some distance.

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