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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I love the title tune. Her vocals are fantastic on it, too. I would have preferred an organ instead of the lightweight horns, but otherwise the song is really pleasurable. Its production is dated, as it is on her other HEROES songs. The band were clearly trying to get themselves on the radio by using industry-standard arrangement gimmicks—horns, strings, pedal steel. But the songs are are super strong, Christine’s in particular.

Interesting note: people often cite “You Make Loving Fun” as the first of many FM songs to feature a thick layering of background voices, but it’s actually on the Heroes title tune where multi-layered background vocals was first featured as stunning counterpoint to the melody and lead vocal. If you listen to those background vocals, they tell you that Christine didn’t need Lindsey to teach her how to build a wall of sound from multi-tracked vocals. She and Bob has already figured that out.

“Night Watch” has fantastic harmonies, too, but those are CSNY-inspired block harmonies, not counterpointed.
Yes yes yes! Everything you said!

Like many say including Mick in his last book that Bob changed the band as much as Lindsey and Stevie. The band began to sing and harmonize together.

Heroes is a fantastic album. No charting songs but the album charted in the top 40 which was a first for the band

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how
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