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Post How Peter named the band "Fleetwood Mac"

According to Mick's first book:

I wasn't in the Bluesbreakers long enough to formally record any material with them except for an EP with Paul Butterfield; but John Mayall happened to give Peter Green some studio time for his birthday. So Peter, John, and I went into Decca Studios and recorded two sides of a single, "Double Trouble" and "It Hurts Me Too." We also recorded three instrumentals; two of them, "Curly" and "Rubber Duck," were later released as B sides of the singles. The third instrumental was a three-minute twelve-bar R&B shuffle with a fast tempo tapped on the high hat cymbal, Peter picking nimble blues changes. It was a real Chicago-sounding track, especially when Peter overdubbed a growling harmonica part, a la Little Walter. This third track, Peter later told us, was named after his favorite rhythm section, Fleetwood and McVie. I remember Peter Green writing down the name on the tin can that held the finished tape.

"Fleetwood Mac."
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