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Lazy Poker,
While I appreciate your comment, I believe it is safe to say that this particular thread had already died on the vine –
It would appear from the lack of response specifically related to the topic, that no one posting here has actually heard either of these two songs, even if they had heard about them.
The “off-topic” discussions of the Davis singles, and who may or may not be playing on them are too me, at least, somewhat related. They were presumably all recorded around the same time period: after they signed with Reprise, up until Green’s decision to no longer record.
Davis’ estate seems to have held on to the “rights” of much of this material recorded at this time, releasing it on first the “Vaudeville Years” and then the “Show-Biz Blues” collections (and we have no way of knowing how much else they still might have).
The Davis singles though were commercially released (on Reprise) and the McIvor single though not commercially issued was released as a radio promo on Warner Bros. Records so they would still control and presumably still have, the masters, and whatever recording info goes with them.
The powers that be lost a great opportunity to see at least some money out of these old recordings by not issuing them along with the re-release of “Then Play On”.
And it goes without saying that the Peter Green and the Nigel Watson and Peter Green singles should also have been part of that reissue package.
I truly believe that the information about those sessions is out there; and while we can make educated guesses (and that is all that they will be until "real" proof come along) as to who played on the Davis singles, it is possible (and probably likely) that neither Green or anyone else from Fleetwood Mac played on the McIvor session, (though Davis may have done the vocals) but without hearing the songs, it is impossible to know.
Meanwhile, I will continue to scour the Internet for any copies of the McIvor 45 that may come up for sale.

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