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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
You made me laugh so hard! Don't forget, besides working several jobs at one time so Lindsey could sleep in or play with his guitar, Stevie also volunteered at soup kitchens and worked on dismantling land mines!
He actually had a job doing telemarketing. I've got him on a radio interview on audio cassette somewhere in my archives talking about it. It was basically a scam-- he was selling people advertising space in some directory, and he talked about how he'd have to get to work really early in the morning because he was on the west coast and calling businesses back on the east coast. And he'd say "Do you want to renew your ad?" and people would say ok yeah if we did it last year we'll do it again. But, he said, the people he called had NOT run an ad the previous year and so they were scamming them. And this offended his sensibilities and he could only take it for like a few days or a week or something and had to quit.

So this is probably where Stevie's longstanding thing about "You can't expect Lindsey to do a real job"....which of course totally ignores the fact that she took a job as a dental assistant and quit after a day because she had to stand leaning forward.

Also, if you find interviews with Keith Olsen, he talks about how badly she cleaned his house. She of course will insist otherwise.
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