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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Another great post! Regarding your comment about Stevie's jealousy regarding Lindsey and Christine co-writing World Turning- at least I think that was the song, I'm going by memory here- even though she and Lindsey had co-written Frozen Love. I always assumed her jealousy may have stemmed from the fact that any song she and Lindsey might have written together was more of a give and take type, where maybe she wrote something, then he gave it back to her with a verse, and back and forth, whereas maybe with Lindsey and Christine, since they both played musical instruments, they were actually able to collaborate together on a song. Does that make sense? That would explain why Stevie expressed jealousy, because the process she and Lindsey used to co-write would therefore have inherently been different from the process Lindsey and Christine used. Just a thought.
Yes, it makes total sense. In the IYD documentary she mentions that writing those songs with Dave Stewart was the first time she ever wrote with another person in that way. It's kind of hard to imagine, though, that all those years, all that time alone in the coffee plant, that they never sat down and wrote a song together like that. I guess she really would just hand something over for him to work on while she went out to her various jobs!
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