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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Great post, NurseDJjackson. You made a lot of interesting points. You could be right about the song writing credit, but I'm just not convinced. I tend to take things at face value, so if the credits say "written by Stevie Nicks," then that's how I take it. But then again, you made some compelling points. The only other thing I might add to the debate is, while other people have said the lyrics seem more like Lindsey, I think they're more like Stevie. Go Your Own Way is a bit of an angry song, and blames the other person for their break up. Never Going Back Again and Second Hand News are more of a pessimistic view ("someone has taken my place," and "I'm just second hand news.") IDWTK is more optimistic, like Dreams- "I don't want to stand between you and love, honey, I just want you to feel fine." As far as the point brought up by others as to why FM hasn't made the song a staple of their set list, I've often wondered that myself. But songwriting credit has never been a factor in my eyes.
100% agreed. Your comments and DownOnRodeo's had me thinking about the song more and it really is kind of split "down the line" in terms of seeming Nicks-like and Buckingham-esque, which makes total sense given that the song was written when they were a duo (beyond the obvious "so together all the time they're practically the same person" LOL)...I think it was DownOnRodeo who said "spiral-like" and, yeah, that opening riff is not unlike GDW in that way. it's a very The Mamas and The Papas vibe (which also makes sense), and I do think your take on the nuance and/or optimism is totally a SN quality.

It really just kind of hit me one day, I think the LB in-studio run through came on my itunes shuffle and I was like, "she didn't write this" just a "lightbulb" moment because that song is a total mystery. Never mentioned, perhaps the most conventional song she's written (even though at that point her songs tended more towards traditional in song structure)...

And if it were by some chance true I wouldn't see it as a negative mark on SN at all. Being screwed out of a song on an album, potential lost income, the hurt over the removal of Silver Springs—I'd say take that credit! Plus, even if it's as simple as being an SN/LB co-write, removing him from that helps with the whole "we never wrote together and I was jealous that CMcV and LB were writing together"... bc we all know they certainly did co-write Frozen Love.

Ultimately just an "unpopular opinion"...
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