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Originally Posted by petep9000 View Post
Can someone please explain how 'royalties' were generated for "Silver Springs" and "Beautiful Child" when both were album cuts and neither were radio singles?
Royalties would be generated if songs were issued as singles, used in commercials/movie, another artist covered them, etc. So there's earning potential even if a song isn't released. I think in the cases of the songs mentioned, that Nicks designated any potential money they would generate to whomever else. I have no idea how that'd work, like if there's registration with various entities (label, her own publishing, etc) and/or if payment comes from those places, etc...

I'm not at all sure, though, just a vague memory of reading that those songs were special to Nicks because she wanted others to get the money from them. I specifically remember reading once that Nicks was in part upset about Silver Springs because she called it her mother's song and said any $ from it would go to her. I could be misremembering...absolutely I could.
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