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Great post, NurseDJjackson. You made a lot of interesting points. You could be right about the song writing credit, but I'm just not convinced. I tend to take things at face value, so if the credits say "written by Stevie Nicks," then that's how I take it. But then again, you made some compelling points. The only other thing I might add to the debate is, while other people have said the lyrics seem more like Lindsey, I think they're more like Stevie. Go Your Own Way is a bit of an angry song, and blames the other person for their break up. Never Going Back Again and Second Hand News are more of a pessimistic view ("someone has taken my place," and "I'm just second hand news.") IDWTK is more optimistic, like Dreams- "I don't want to stand between you and love, honey, I just want you to feel fine." As far as the point brought up by others as to why FM hasn't made the song a staple of their set list, I've often wondered that myself. But songwriting credit has never been a factor in my eyes.
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