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Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
I love Stevie Nicks and the song Gypsy is a classic and I love Stevie's demos because they are usually her great voice and a piano. I was so let down with her vocal on this version of Gypsy. I can't believe she was satisfied with this. I also was under the impression she was going to do some acting in the episode. I haven't watched the show yet this season because I like to save them all and watch them all in a 3 day period or so but from what I saw it seemed absolutely pointless to have her show up, swing the doors open and then sing Gypsy to Misty Day and the people in the room. The guy playing the piano could have used more practice and Stevie was trying hard to sing to his playing but IMHO it just did not work and I never want to see it again, that is until I watch the episode myself LOL.
She’s did some acting; Hello witches
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