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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
I’ve seen a bunch of new movies this year. I go to the theater as much as I can. Since the first half of the year is almost over, Ive decided to post my reviews. So far, there haven’t been really any movies I feel are truely terrible. It’s been a pretty good year so far. My favorite movie is Avengers Infinity War. Saw it 3 times. Also think Incredibles 2 is great.

1. Avengers Infinity War, grade A+ = great movie
2. Incredibles 2, grade A = not as good as the first but still excellent
3. A Quiet Place, grade B+ = smart, innovative
4. Hereditary, grade B = could not predict this movie, appreciated the acting and atmosphere
5. Upgrade, grade A- = very good low budget sci-fi, think Terminator meets Venom
6. Adrift, grade C+ = more love story than action movie, well acted but kinda boring
7. Black Panther, grade B- good leading man, not enough action and weak superhero but I liked entourage
8. Ready Player One, grade B- = think back to the future in a cartoon, there was enough to like but not enough to love
9. Deadpool 2, grade B- = funny, liked new team especially Domino, but didn’t love this
10. Solo: A Star Wars Story, grade C+ = this movie was just kinda there, two great action sequences and that’s that
11. The Florida Project, grade B = touching, sad
12. Rampage, grade C+ = fun, popcorn movie
13. Jurassic World, grade C+ = great special effects but turned into a weird haunted house movie
14. Thoroughbreds, grade C+ = well acted but a bit boring
I've been waffling on trying this one. Good to know it isn't terrible. Thank you for your insights. Wow! Movies are so expensive these days this represents quite an investment.
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